This is my project and this is yours.  To get strong and stay strong throughout our life and into our later years.  Being strong allows all of us to lead an independent life that we are in control of.  A life that allows us to get in and out of a chair and to get out to all the activities that we enjoy.

The community I live in is an outdoor recreational enthusiasts dream.  People travel here regularly from the city to participate and explore what the area has to offer.  People retire here hoping to continue to enjoy all the activities they love to do.  It is a tourist destination full of alpine and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, road riding, hiking, golf, rock climbing, water sports and so much more.  If we want to continue to enjoy these activities, we need to get strong and stay strong.

Follow along as I explore working with older adults in our community.  Aerobics were once thought to be the path to health and fitness and of course a lean body.  Current research has been taking a good hard look at strength training and it’s benefits to our health, our body and our brains.  Working as part of a research team from McMaster University studying strength training with older adults, I am seeing the benefits and changes in these people’s lives and it is outstanding!  As the daughter of aging parents who started to take control of their own health and mobility, I know the power of strength training as we get older.

I am excited to share with you my work and what I am learning, what my clients are teaching me and how we can work towards a future of strong independent living.

Project Strong – Get Strong and Stay Strong for Life




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