This is a great article highlighting what is happening at CrossFit Gyms all over the place.  If you follow CrossFit at all, there is certainly a growing trend towards encouraging anyone to walk through the doors of a CrossFit gym and see that anything is possible reguardless of age, ability, or current health status.  Many of their social media posts are highlighting some incredible older adults and the progressions they are making with their trainers and coaches.

This article in the CrossFit Journal highlights how other gyms are working with their older adults and the process, the programs and the progressions they are using.

“Being sedentary in not good for anybody at any age, and for an elderly person, something as simple as standing up from the couch and walking to the next room over to make a meal, that can get their heart rate up and CrossFit is about being prepared for everyday life”  – William Lyman, CrossFit Megalodon

Check it out, I think some of it will sound familiar!  Click on the link below to read for yourself.

CrossFit Journal – Functional and Fit Over 50


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