Nutrition can be overwhelming for some.  Diets can be complicated and hard to follow, but eating right and well for optimal health does not have to be.  I love these 3 simple guidelines as outlined by Coach Ben Bergeron.  So simple!

Eat Real Food

This means anything that grew out of the ground or had eyes.  In other words, things that were once living.  Nothing processed or made in a lab, plant or factory.

Not too Much

Eat 3 – 4 times a day.  No second helpings and no snacking between meals.  Balance your plate with a palm size serving of protein, a palm size serving of starch or fruit and the rest of your plate should be vegetables.

Mostly Plants

Plants are the most nutrient dense food we can eat.  They are also the lowest calorie and sugar food we can eat.  It is hard to eat too many vegetables especially raw vegetables.

Another point to remember is Quality (real food) and Quantity (not too much) need to happen together keep us well nourished and healthy and a healthy weight.



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