IMG_5228Hoping everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

This weekend was a fun and busy weekend for me.  My family completely spoiled me for Mother’s Day and I completed a fantastic course offered by Osteoporosis Canada.  I am now a “Bone Fit” Trainer!!

Bone Fit is an evidence-informed exercise training course, designed for healthcare professionals and exercise practitioners to provide training on the most appropriate, safe and effective methods to prescribe and progress exercise for people with osteoporosis.

I was happy to learn that the Fit for Life program falls with in the exercise guidelines as outlined by the Osteoporosis Exercise Action Plan with progressive resistance training and our focus is Functional Training to make Activities of Daily Living easier.

I have also learned lots of fantastic cues to help ensure proper alignment of our spines and some fantastic accessory exercises that I will be building into the classes.

Here is our workout for today (sorry I am so late posting this!):

Strength Focus

Hip Hinge    3 sets of 5 with empty bar or PVC
Deadlift        5 sets of 5
Lat Pull Down     5 sets of 5


1 round every 3 minutes for 15 minutes:
6 Kettle bell Sumo Deadlifts
4 Kettle bell Swings
2 Thrusters

“Cash out” work and “Homework”:

Supine Unloading
Supine Breathing Exercises

Homework – perform these exercises daily for 5-10min.  Try doing them every morning before getting out of bed and every night when you climb into bed.





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