Posture Focus

Proper posture and spinal alignment are important for our overall health and to prevent injuries, strains and fractures.  Sitting and standing with proper postural alignment can increase work efficiency with less fatigue and strain on your body’s ligaments, tendons and muscles.  Good posture  reduces the stress and strain on your spine. It affects how you walk, run, jump and lift things.  Proper posture is at the root of quality movement.

In our program the focus should always be on quality movement first and then we progressively challenge ourselves with increased repetitions and/or increased load, always maintaining proper posture. Therefore we need to ensure our focus starts with our postural alignment before we start to move or lift anything.  That includes Activities of Daily Living … when we are lifting and moving about in our everyday lives

Here are some helpful cues or things to think about to help you achieve better posture through out your day:

  1. Plum Line – imagine a straight line running along your body through your ankle, hip, shoulder and ear.
  2. Taller – pretend you are at least 2″ taller than you are.
  3. Golden Thread or Rope – pretend that there is a Golden Thread or Rope pulling you up by the crown of your head.
  4. Shelf- imagine a shelf extending out in front of you from your sternum.  Sitting on the shelf is a cup of hot coffee and you must keep it level with the ground to avoid spilling it.
  5. Bow Tie High – imagine you are wearing a bow tie and you want everyone to see it
  6. Jewels – imagine you are wearing a spectacular necklace and you want everyone to see it.
  7. Grapefruit Carry – pretend there is a grapefruit between your chin and chest
  8. Waist Lengthener – lengthen the space between the top of your pelvis and your lower rib.

Don’t for get to practice our Spinal Unloading and Breathing exercises from last class. These will feel great at the end of the day after you have been practicing being taller!!

supine unloading


Class Reminders

Just a reminder that there will be NO CLASS on the Holiday Monday (May 22).

Please remember to bring some water with you to class.  As the weather gets warmer you will definitely want to have some water handy during class!

Now for today’s workout:

Strength Focus:

Sit to Stand Test
Goblet squats 5 sets of 5
Ring Rows 5 sets of 5


21-15-9  –  Interrupted – When the music stops complete one lap of the gym

Kettle Bell Swings

Cash out:

Supine Head Press
Supine Shoulder Press

Homework: add these exercises into your daily Supine Unloading practice … every morning before you get out of bed and every night before going to sleep

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