Exercise is a Miracle Drug

Scientists have been looking at the effects of exercise on the human body for a long time. It was in 1953 when a study comparing postmen to other more sedentary workers like mail sorters that established a link between exercise and disease prevention, thus inspiring more research.  This study clearly showed that postmen suffered fewer deaths from heart attacks and heart failure than those that were employed in more sedentary work.

We now have a wealth of research to draw from and it is very clear that exercise directly impacts our health.  Some of you have been part of the research process through McMaster University and the work of my friend Christina Nowak.  As the results from her recent work become official I will try to share it with you.  I know that her unofficial results were what I think we all knew, strength training resulted in improved health measures.

If you want to see what she is up to and learn more about health and fitness related issues from an incredible physical therapist, check out her Blog here:



Today’s workout:

Strength Focus:

3 sets of:
Dumbbell Shoulder Press  8-10 reps
Plank Holds  30sec


2 min of work followed by 2 min of complete rest for 4 rounds

6 DB shoulder press
10 box step ups
4 burpees for 8 lunges

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