Summer Class Schedule Update

Many of you have met and had Janet Meesters as a coach when I have been away with my family.  I would like to congratulate coach Janet Meesters on her new job that she has just accepted.  This is a great change and opportunity for her.  She will be starting her training for her new position and unfortunately will not be able to coach next week as we had planned.  Therefore, I will be cancelling classes on June 26, June 28 and July 3.

Keep following the Blog next week and I will post some very simple “At Home” workouts for you to try so that you can keep your routine going while I am away.

And now for today’s workout:

Strength Focus

4 sets of
20 Bird Dog
80m Carry: 20m Farmers Carry, 20m Front Rack Carry, 20m Farmer Carry, 20m Front Rack Carry

Conditioning Workout:

21-15-9 interrupted  … walk one lap
Sumo Dead Lift High Pull
Step-up and over




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