Challenge Yourself Daily


Many people talk about the importance of challenging yourself daily, do something that is outside your comfort zone, learn something new.  This is great for our bodies and our minds.

When we are in the gym, we directly see the importance of this. Our bodies are built to respond to the demands placed on it.  The greater the demand, the greater the response. Our muscles grow and lengthen through progressively adding resistance and movement challenges.  The opposite can also happen, if we don’t do anything that challenges our bodies, our muscles will weaken and we become frail.

Just because we have no classes happening this week doesn’t mean we can’t still challenge ourselves, I know my family is making sure I am out and pushing my comfort zone (see the picture above!)

Here are some simple workouts you can try this week at home:

Lucky 7: Complete as many rounds as possible in seven minutes – rest as needed throughout the seven minutes
7 step-ups (use one step on your staircase at home)
7 air squats
7 push-ups (use a countertop or a chair positioned securely so it won’t slide away on you)

10 minute EMOM: every minute for 10 minutes complete the following
8-10 reverse lunges

Don’t forget to try and get out and go for a walk or a hike, maybe a bike ride or a swim. Enjoy all that our beautiful area has to offer and Happy Canada 150!!




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