Workout for Monday July 31, 2017

Strength Focus

Glute Bridge     5 sets of 10 reps

Isometric Abdominal Series

Conditioning Workout

6 Rounds, Rest as needed:
6 Push-ups
6 Lunges
6 Air Squats
6 Pull-ups/Lat Pull Down/Ring Rows
6 Sumo Deadlifts
6 Calorie Row or Ski

What is Strength Training and How Can it Prevent Bone Fractures


Strength Training is a type of physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles.  The resistance or “load” can be created using free weights (dumbbells, bar-bells, kettle bells), weight machines or exercise bands.  The muscles work by lifting, pushing or pulling the “load”.

Strength Training improves muscle mass and strength and it can increase spine and hip bone density as well as strengthen bone.  This is key in the prevention of fractures!!

So how often should you do Strength Training?  Osteoporosis Canada and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology both recommend a minimum of 2-3 days/week at a moderate to high intensity using all the major muscle groups.

Follow a process of “starting low and going slow”.  Progressively increase the intensity (number of sets or repetitions, the difficulty of the exercise or the weight of the load). Follow the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale of 1-10,  keep the intensity between a 5 to 8. Remember, if you have been away from strength training for a period of time, it is important to ease back slowly.

So make sure to come to class, to help strengthen those bones!!

Workout for Wednesday July 26, 2017

The Prowler


The Prowler sled is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that offers many benefits, produces results in a very little amount of time, and gives you a huge bang for your buck. It can be used to help you develop strength or power (depending on how you use it), improve your conditioning, increase your muscle mass, and improve fat loss.

The Prowler sled is incredibly beneficial as it mimics the lower body mechanics of running, but with much less wear and tear on the body. In fact, a lot of people who might not otherwise be able to run can obtain similar, if not better results, by using the Prowler sled.

When it comes to progressing on the Prowler sled, it is relatively straightforward. You can add more weight, go at a faster speed, cover a greater distance, or go for a greater length of time. What you do will depend on your fitness level and goals.

Strength Focus

Dumbbell Push Press      5 sets of 5 reps,  progressively load to a rate of perceived exertion of 8/10

Prowler work

Conditioning Workout

5 Rounds of:
7 DB Push Press
14 Alternating Reverse Lunges
2 Lengths of Farmer Carry with box step overs

Rest as needed


Workout for Monday July 24, 2017



Strength Focus

Deadlift    5 sets of 5 reps, progressively load to a rate of perceived exertion of 8/10

Single Leg Pistol Progression (Balance and Strength)     5 sets of 5 reps each leg

Thruster Review


Conditioning Workout

Partner work – in pairs, one partner works while the other rests. Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

200m row
10 DB Thrusters


Weight-Bearing Exercise and Why it is Important


Weight-bearing exercises are when our bones and muscles work against the forces of gravity while bearing the weight of the body. Weight-bearing exercises are some of the most effective ways to maintain strong bones, especially the bones of the hip and spine. Examples of weight-bearing exercises include walking, jogging, climbing stairs (step-ups), push-ups, body-weight squats and lunges, burpees and pull-ups.

Many weight-bearing exercises that increase heart rate also strengthen the heart and lungs, along with muscles and bones. Everyone should participate in weight-bearing exercises to maintain strong bones and for heart health.

Keep in mind that swimming and cycling are not weight-bearing exercises as the water buoys the body and cycling is seated so the legs are not bearing the weight of the body. Cycling and swimming are excellent exercises for our heart and lung health, we just need to ensure we include weight-bearing exercises through-out our regular weekly routines.

So how often should I perform weight-bearing exercises?  Osteoporosis Canada recommends 3-5 days of the week for a total of 150 minutes per week.  Remember walking is the safest and simplest form of weight-bearing exercise and requires virtually no equipment at all other than a good pairs of walking shoes.  If finding the time is a concern, try to spread your walking out throughout the day – it does not all have to be done at once.  Parking your car a little further away from the door to the grocery store and the buggy return area are simple ways we can add more walking into our daily routine.

Don’t forget to come to class each week to get a full dose of bone and muscle building exercises too!

Workout for Monday July 17, 2017

I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to enjoy the sunshine and a day without rain on Saturday!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored my family in the 6 Hours of Gibraltar Relay Mountain Bike Race on Saturday.  We reached our fundraising goal of $1000 and had a great day of riding and supporting My Friends House (a non-profit organization for women and children)!  It was great to see so many people in our community of all ages and abilities coming together to support a great cause.


Here is our workout for Monday’s class:

Strength Focus:
Goblet Squat      5 sets of 5 reps
Super set with
Push-ups           5 sets of 5 reps

Conditioning Workout:
Complete as many rounds in 10 minutes as possible

5 box jumps or step-ups
4 Burpees
3 Deadlifts
2 Suitcase Carry

Reminder:  No Class on Wednesday July 19

Workout for Wednesday July 12

Just a quick class schedule notice.  There will be no class on next week on Wednesday July 19.

Here is the workout planned for tomorrow’s class:

Strength Focus:

Progressively work towards a heavy set of 5

Sumo Deadlift High Pull    5 sets of 5 reps


Conditioning Workout:

Every 4 minutes complete one round for a total of 16 minutes

Row or Ski 8-10 calories
5 Sumo Deadlifts
5 Kettlebell Swings

Hippocrates – Workout for Monday July 10, 2017

“Eating alone will not keep a man well, he must also take exercise” – Hippocrates

Hippocrates already knew what researchers are busy trying to convince the modern of the world of today.  Exercise is a potent preventative medicine, far safer and effective than any other drug on the market.  If a drug was invented that had all the benefits of exercise, people would fight to get their hands on it.

We know the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle; heart disease, diabetes, obesity, many kinds of cancer, Alzheimers and early death.  Inactivity worsens symptoms of arthritis, back pain and is associated with depression and anxiety.  As we develop these diseases, we seek medical care, often looking to the medical world for a medicine.  Perhaps, we should also look at our lifestyle … diet and exercise, two incredibly powerful tools that can be as simple as going for a walk and increasing our intake of vegetables.

Come join our class on Monday for your daily dose of exercise!

Strength Focus:

Review of movements and set up for the workout ahead.  This is the time to ensure you are appropriately challenging yourself.  Using our Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale (1-10), ensure that each exercise is somewhere between 5-8.

Shoulder Press     2 sets of 5
Burpee    2 sets of 3
Pull-up    2 sets of 5
KB Swing     2 sets of 5


This is a two part workout.
A:     In teams of 3 complete as many rounds as possible in 15min.

5 Shoulder Press
3 Burpees (or 6 lunges)

Rest 5 minutes, then

B:     In teams of 3 complete as many rounds as possible in 15 min.

5 pull-ups
10 KB swings

For both A and B, team members cycle through a full round one at a time, moving as quickly as possible minimizing partners’ rest.  The goal is to complete as many rounds of the workout as possible as a team.

Fun and Games:

Tic Tac Toe – if we have time, we will play a round!

Workout for Wednesday July 5, 2017

Hoping everyone had a great holiday long weekend and was able to get out and be active last week!

Here is the plan for Wednesday’s Class:

Strength Focus

Front Squat      3 sets of 8-10 reps
Super Set with
Single Arm Dumbbell Rows      3 sets of 10-12

Conditioning Workout

With a partner each person completes 3 sets of

Row 250m
Sled Drag