The Prowler


The Prowler sled is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that offers many benefits, produces results in a very little amount of time, and gives you a huge bang for your buck. It can be used to help you develop strength or power (depending on how you use it), improve your conditioning, increase your muscle mass, and improve fat loss.

The Prowler sled is incredibly beneficial as it mimics the lower body mechanics of running, but with much less wear and tear on the body. In fact, a lot of people who might not otherwise be able to run can obtain similar, if not better results, by using the Prowler sled.

When it comes to progressing on the Prowler sled, it is relatively straightforward. You can add more weight, go at a faster speed, cover a greater distance, or go for a greater length of time. What you do will depend on your fitness level and goals.

Strength Focus

Dumbbell Push Press      5 sets of 5 reps,  progressively load to a rate of perceived exertion of 8/10

Prowler work

Conditioning Workout

5 Rounds of:
7 DB Push Press
14 Alternating Reverse Lunges
2 Lengths of Farmer Carry with box step overs

Rest as needed


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