Reminder NO CLASSES next week – August 21 and 23

Since our class of FUN and GAMES was so popular, we will be repeating the Deck of Cards workout.   Those that were in class loved it and many people missed it so we will have some fun with it again today!

Pizza Delivery Game to warm-up


Strength Focus

Deadlift  5 sets of 5 reps

Bird-Dog Progressions


Conditioning Workout 

Game – Deck of Cards

In teams of 3, each team will have their own deck of playing cards.

Person A: KB hold
Person B: Farmer Carry 1 length to deck of cards, then draws a card and performs the number of reps on the card for the following suit on the card

Hearts: Squats
Clubs: Step-ups
Spades: Push-ups
Diamonds: Lunges

Then Farmer carry back to start

Person C: Resting

Players then rotate positions.

Note if anyone draws a Joker: everyone does 1 burpee



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