Fall Harvest … Eat Your Vegtables


I am a regular at the local Saturday morning Collingwood Farmer's Market. Actually, I love to go to any Farmer's Markets and my family loves to tease me to no end about it. Why do I love to go to Farmer's Markets?  I LOVE food, and nothing beats that fresh from the farm taste! What better way to get it than direct from the farmer!  I love this time of year because of the Fall Harvests, yummy vine-ripened tomatoes, squash, beets, carrots, and apples (I also love to go apple picking).  My Saturday morning routine at the Collingwood Market starts with the Side Road Farm booth where I pick up our farm share from owners Patrick and Amy.  It is always so nice to unpack our bin of fresh produce and eggs from their farm when I get home (the picture above is an example of what we get every week in our bin). Then I head over to The Rustic Oven and say hello to Marianna and Greg Knights to pick up our once a week treat of fresh bread or bagels. Lastly is a visit with Ruth Bourachot to pick up a special treat for my youngest son (he has a bit of a sweet tooth) who loves his pain au chocolate baked byChef Patrick. There are lots of other fantastic vendors at the market as well and if you haven't been yet, there are only 2 more weeks left, so make sure you check it out: Collingwood Farmer's Market.

Fitness and Nutrition are two things I am quite passionate about.  I really do love to eat! A while back I wrote a post about Simplifying Nutrition; Eat Real Food, Not Too Much and Mostly plants.  This is why heading to the Farmer's Market to pick up the best tasting veggies around is so great. Breads and pastries and processed food are treats in our house, mostly consumed on the weekend.

The other big component of our diet that we focus on is our protein intake. Adequate protein intake throughout the day is so important that I will save that for separate Blog post.



Workout for Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Strength Focus

4 sets of
Farmer Carry
Banded Walk


Conditioning Workout

5 Rounds each or 15-minute time cap of:
Seld Drag
10 Lunges
5 Push-ups

Working in partners, one person completes the sled drag down and back while the other person completes their lunges and push-ups, then switch.


Helping the Hunt Family


Crossfit Indestri is a unique little gym that believes in Community.  There is a unique and longstanding relationship with Crossfit Indestri and the fight against Cancer, most notably Breast Cancer.

To fill you in on a bit of the gym’s history, one of the gym owners Stouty lost his mother, to breast cancer.  Scott Thornton’s (the founder of the gym) mother-in-law successfully battled Breast Cancer during his time on Battle of the Blades and Tyson’s (former owner) mother also successfully battled breast cancer along with my mother-in-law Ann Chisholm who has been part of our Fit for Life Program.  I know many of you have been touched by cancer as well.

For several years Crossfit Indestri has entered a team in the Run for the Cure and has held many fundraising events raising over $100,000 towards creating a future without breast cancer.

Now one of Indestri’s community members, Narda Hunt, is battling Breast Cancer for the second time in her life and her family has reached out to the community of Crossfit Indestri and the community of Collingwood to ask for help and support.  You may have seen and heard their story already, if not, click here for  Narda and Brian Hunt’s story

The gym will be holding a fun “Celebrating 7” workout at the gym this Saturday, September 30th to celebrate the gym’s 7th anniversary. Included on that day the gym will be holding a fundraiser, including food, and a silent auction.  All money raised will be donated to the Hunt Family.

This event is open to anyone and everyone including the members of the Fit for Life program.  The event will start at 9am with a special workout followed a light brunch and silent auction.  If you are interested in attending or making a donation, please let me know and I can give you more information about the day.

Some of the silent auction items to look forward to bidding on are from; 

Maximum Physiotherapy
Curries Farm Market
Hanna Motors
Wolf Den
Scandinave Spa
Press Juice Co.
The Peak FM
Boss Supplements
and more…..

Workout for Monday September 25 2017


What’s keeping you from coming to class??

Today’s Strength Focus

Deadlift       5 sets of 5 rep, working towards RPE of 8/10

Conditioning Workout

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

8  Sumo Deadlifts
12 KB swings
Lunge Walk
12 Step-ups
8 Shoulder press
Lunge Walk


Members Doing Amazing Things!

Centurion 25 Mile Ride a success!!

Congratulations to our member Lou Fowler on not only completing the Centurion 25 Mile ride this past weekend but for placing 2nd overall in her age category!!!  This is quite an accomplishment as she told me that she had never ridden that far before!

Lou started training with us in the Fit for Life program this past winter and comes consistently to class.  If you did not see her much in the gym this summer, that’s because she was in Europe enjoying the sights on her bike!  Fit for Life and cycling through Europe, a perfect combination for training for the C25!


Workout for Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I love these smiling beautiful faces after a great workout!!!!

Today’s Strength Focus

4 sets of:
Front Squat    8-10 reps, RPE 8/10
Pull-ups/Ring Row   5-7 reps


Conditioning Workout 

4 rounds, rest as needed:
3 laps of gym
7 Push-ups, scale to box as needed
7 KB swings
7 Goblet Squats

Celebrating 7 – Crossfit Indestri

Last week Crossfit Indestri celebrated their seventh anniversary.  For a brief synopsis of the history of the gym check out the link to the Indestri Blog:

Indestri Blog

The founder of Crossfit Indestri, Scott Thorton, had the idea to recreate the locker room environment that he missed so much from his years in the NHL.  He wanted to create a place that was free from judgment and peer pressure, with support encouragement and acceptance of each other.  The ownership of the gym has changed hands, but that core philosophy still holds true today.

The gym has grown so much from the tiny little gym that was once located on Stewart Road to the current larger location and in the programs now being offered.  Seven years ago, the only classes offered were Crossfit classes for adults and a bit of personal training.

Now you will find along with the Crossfit Classes, Crossfit Strength and Conditioning, Crossfit Mobility, Varsity (High school age), Pre-Teen (Junior school age), Little Ninjas (Primary school age), Stricker Training, and Mom and Baby classes.  The newest addition to the gym schedule has been the Fit for Life program that is specifically geared towards adults that are over 60 years of age.  Not everyone that comes into the gym gets to see this vibrant and fun group who come together to stay healthy and active.  Those of the members who do see you in action, love it!  Each class everyone gets a little sweaty and works hard, and leaves with a smile on their faces.  Each and every one of you makes me smile too!!

Thank you for being part of this group!

Workout for Monday, September 18 2017

Strength Focus

Perform 4 sets of each, rest 45 sec between each set:

8 Dumbbell Push-Press
10 reps each leg of Step-ups

Conditioning Workout

12-minute partner work, each person completes one full round of the following while the other partner rests:

100m row
15 KB swings



Workout for Wednesday, September 13

Strength Focus

Weighted step-ups 5 sets of 5 reps each leg

Sled Drags 5 sets of 2 lengths

Conditioning Workout

In teams of 3, break up the following work:

600m walk/run (relay)

90 kettle bell swings

60 reverse lunges

30 box step ups

600m walk/run

90 kettle bell swings

60 reverse lunges

30 box step ups

600m walk/run

Workout for Monday September 11

Strength Focus

PVC pipe review mechanics
Empty Barbell hip hinge
Deadlift  5 sets of 5 reps


Conditioning Workout

3 rounds of:
30 sec of work, 30 sec of rest to move to next station
A. Sumo Deadlift
B. Air Squats
C. Shoulder Press (light)
D. Row or Ski
1 minute rest