It’s hard to believe September is here already!!  My boys have happily headed out the door for their first day of school in grades 6 and 8.   They are excited about the new year ahead, seeing their friends that they have not seen over the summer and of course finding out who their teachers will be.  They will spend the day catching up and sharing with each other what their summer adventures entailed.

September is exciting around the gym as well.  Many people take extended holidays over the summer, traveling, cottaging, are busy with family and friends and visiting guests. Some people take advantage of the summer weather to be outside and participate in activities we can’t do during the cold winter months like hiking, cycling, and gardening. That often takes them away from the gym.  All of these things are great and we certainly need to do these things.

As September arrives and the weather starts to change, we start to settle back into a routine.  September in our home marks a move back towards new schedules and routines.  This may seem boring and plain, but everyone actually does thrive on schedule and routine.

So I hope that as you settle into your new routines for the fall, that you find yourself back in the gym.  I look forward to seeing everyone who I have missed over the summer months and hearing all about your own summer adventures.


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