Last week Crossfit Indestri celebrated their seventh anniversary.  For a brief synopsis of the history of the gym check out the link to the Indestri Blog:

Indestri Blog

The founder of Crossfit Indestri, Scott Thorton, had the idea to recreate the locker room environment that he missed so much from his years in the NHL.  He wanted to create a place that was free from judgment and peer pressure, with support encouragement and acceptance of each other.  The ownership of the gym has changed hands, but that core philosophy still holds true today.

The gym has grown so much from the tiny little gym that was once located on Stewart Road to the current larger location and in the programs now being offered.  Seven years ago, the only classes offered were Crossfit classes for adults and a bit of personal training.

Now you will find along with the Crossfit Classes, Crossfit Strength and Conditioning, Crossfit Mobility, Varsity (High school age), Pre-Teen (Junior school age), Little Ninjas (Primary school age), Stricker Training, and Mom and Baby classes.  The newest addition to the gym schedule has been the Fit for Life program that is specifically geared towards adults that are over 60 years of age.  Not everyone that comes into the gym gets to see this vibrant and fun group who come together to stay healthy and active.  Those of the members who do see you in action, love it!  Each class everyone gets a little sweaty and works hard, and leaves with a smile on their faces.  Each and every one of you makes me smile too!!

Thank you for being part of this group!

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