I am a regular at the local Saturday morning Collingwood Farmer's Market. Actually, I love to go to any Farmer's Markets and my family loves to tease me to no end about it. Why do I love to go to Farmer's Markets?  I LOVE food, and nothing beats that fresh from the farm taste! What better way to get it than direct from the farmer!  I love this time of year because of the Fall Harvests, yummy vine-ripened tomatoes, squash, beets, carrots, and apples (I also love to go apple picking).  My Saturday morning routine at the Collingwood Market starts with the Side Road Farm booth where I pick up our farm share from owners Patrick and Amy.  It is always so nice to unpack our bin of fresh produce and eggs from their farm when I get home (the picture above is an example of what we get every week in our bin). Then I head over to The Rustic Oven and say hello to Marianna and Greg Knights to pick up our once a week treat of fresh bread or bagels. Lastly is a visit with Ruth Bourachot to pick up a special treat for my youngest son (he has a bit of a sweet tooth) who loves his pain au chocolate baked byChef Patrick. There are lots of other fantastic vendors at the market as well and if you haven't been yet, there are only 2 more weeks left, so make sure you check it out: Collingwood Farmer's Market.

Fitness and Nutrition are two things I am quite passionate about.  I really do love to eat! A while back I wrote a post about Simplifying Nutrition; Eat Real Food, Not Too Much and Mostly plants.  This is why heading to the Farmer's Market to pick up the best tasting veggies around is so great. Breads and pastries and processed food are treats in our house, mostly consumed on the weekend.

The other big component of our diet that we focus on is our protein intake. Adequate protein intake throughout the day is so important that I will save that for separate Blog post.



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