Don’t forget about FuelSchool on November 21st at 6:30pm.  It is open to all members, their friends and family and the Fit for Life crew.

FuelSchool is a nutrition education program run by Crossfit Indestri to help educate community members on the benefits of the science-based Paleo and Ketogenic diets. Sarah Messervey, a registered holistic nutritionist, will discuss the history of ancestral diets, guidelines for following these diets and the many applications from improving performance to managing diseases.

Here is our work for today’s class:

Strength Focus

Perform 3 sets of the following,

A) 8 reps of Front Plate Hold Squats
B) 8 reps of Bird Dog Dumbbell Row, each arm
C) 10 reps of Supine Leg Lowering, maintain contact with lower back on the floor throughout the movement

Conditioning Workout

500m row
immediately followed by 5 rounds of
5 Ring Rows
10 Dumbbell Thrusters

*as always, rest as needed and rest will occur naturally as you may have to wait to use the rings


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