img_5900We are over halfway through November and December is around the corner.  December is always a busy month for everyone as we run around and get our shopping done and prepare for the holidays.  Despite this let’s remember to take the time to look after ourselves and enjoy the friendships we have made in the gym.


FuelSchool – November 21
Start the holiday season by making sure your diet and nutrition are in check and come to FuelSchool on Tuesday, November 21 at 6:30pm and hear what Sarah Messervey, a registered holistic nutritionist, has to say.  Please send me an email to RSVP if you will be attending before Monday at noon.


Pelvic Floor Information Session – Ladies Only – Friday, December 1 at 11:15am
I have arranged a special speaker to come and give a short information session to the ladies at the gym.

Laura Powers is a registered physiotherapist who has been specializing in pelvic health physiotherapy since 2011. She completed her masters of Physiotherapy at Curtin University and opened Higher Function Physiotherapy in 2015 with an emphasis on Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. She has a strong background in strength and conditioning training and integrates that into her treatment plans. She grew up in Collingwood and continues to call it home.
She will briefly be going over the following topics:
– Introduction to Pelvic Health and what is it
– The conditions she treats and briefly how
– Hormone changes with aging (osteoporosis and vaginal tissue changes) and the effect of exercise
– Cues and exercises for the pelvic floor while exercising
Christmas Lunch at the Huron Club – Friday, December 1 at 12 noon

Come join us for lunch to celebrate the start of the Christmas season.  I have made a reservation for our group for lunch at the Huron Club.  Lunch will be ordered individually from the regular menu.  Please send me an email to RSVP by Wednesday, November 29 so that I can confirm our numbers with the Huron Club.


Other important dates:

I will be away from the gym on December 13 and 18 and have arranged for Coach Janet and Coach Sarah to cover these classes for me.  I ask that if you are planning to come to any of these classes, please send me an email so that I can make sure that the coaches are properly prepared.

Classes will be canceled for the holiday season from December 20 and will resume on Monday, January 8.


Here is the workout for Monday, November 20:

Strength Focus

Bird Dog  5 sets of 10
Sumo Deadlift   5 sets of 5

Conditioning Workout

Working with a partner, for 20 minutes.

Partner A: 3 laps of the gym
Partner B: 6 Sumo Deadlifts
8 Kettlebell Swings

Switch only after each person has finished their work.  Rest happens while waiting for the partner to finish their work or as needed.






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