Don’t forget about our Christmas Lunch this Friday at the Huron Club at 12noon.  Please make sure that you RSVP by Wednesday!  Also, for the ladies, come out at 11:15 to the gym to meet physiotherapist Laura Powers.  Learn a bit about pelvic floor and how important it is!

Now for the workout for Wednesday – Wallball Fun!


Today we will add a little balance and eye-hand coordination into our warm-up!

Strength Focus

Goblet Squats    5 sets of 5

Wallball to Shoulder technique work   3 sets of 5

Conditioning Work – 12 minutes of:

10 Wallball to Shoulder
2 Lengths Plate Pinch Farmer Carry
10 Russian Twists

In the workout, you will be working with a partner to complete each round, alternating each rep.  As always, rest as you and your partner need to.





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