Workout for Monday December 18, 2007

img_5765Hoping everyone is enjoying all this snow that the area has been getting and that you are all remembering how to brace your core and use your legs when doing your snow shoveling!

Here is you Strength Focus for today:

5 sets of each:
Farmer Carry – down and back
Banded Tricep Pull-Down 8 reps
Conditioning Workout 
Game of Cards

In teams of 3, each team will have their own deck of playing cards.

Person A: Plank Hold
Person B: Lunge Walk to the deck of cards, then draw a card and perform the number of reps on the card for the following suit on the card

Hearts: Squats
Clubs: Step-ups
Spades: Push-ups
Diamonds: Sumo Deadlift

Run/Walk back to start

Person C: Resting

Players then rotate positions.

Note if anyone draws a Joker: everyone does 1 burpee

Workout for Monday December 11, 2017

img_5762-e1512927024176.jpgReminder to please let me know if you are planning on attending class on Wednesday, December 13 and Monday, December 18.

Today’s workout:

Strength focus 5 sets of:

A) Supine Leg Lowering   8 reps
B) Banded Face Pulls  8 reps
C) Banded Walk  – 1 lap of cones

Conditioning Workout
7 minutes of:

7 Box jumps or step-ups
7 Squats
7 lunges
1 length of gym down and back

Workout for Wednesday, December 6 2017


Strength Focus

Step-ups (weight if balance allows)  5 sets of 10 each leg

Upright Banded Row  5 sets of 10

Conditioning Workout

One partner will complete 2 laps of the gym while the other partner completes one of the assigned movements, completing as many reps of the movement in the time it takes for their partner to complete 2 laps.  Partners then switch roles, working to complete 2 rounds each of the list of movements.

Step-up (no weight)
KB swings – light weight
Thrusters – light weight

Workout for Monday December4, 2017

Thank you for to all who joined us for lunch on Friday and the ladies who came out to hear what Laura Powers had to tell us about our pelvic floor.  Lots of fun!!

What is the Pollof Press?

The Pallof Press is a great core exercise that forces you to brace your core and glutes to stabilize and resist rotation.  One of the primary functions of the core is to resist rotation, flexion, and extension, not to initiate those movements.  Today we will superset the Pollof Press with the Deadlift or hip hinge to help ensure that we are properly bracing our core during this movement.

Strength Focus

Pollof Press    5 set of 10 each side

Deadlift    5 sets of 5    progressively load to a rate of perceived exertion of 8/10

Conditioning Workout

Complete 4 Rounds of:
10 Squats to med ball
5 Med ball sumo Deadlift
1 Med ball carry

Game Time

Tic Tac Toe