Flu season is upon us!  With the news of the influenza outbreak at the hospital I want to remind everyone of a few simple things:

  1.  Wash your hands often with soap and water throughout the day and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  2. Keep your environment clean and in the gym, we can do that by simply wiping down the equipment after you use it and as you put it away.
  3. Keep up your healthy lifestyle. Get a good nights sleep each and every night, follow a good nutrition plan full of vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables.  Exercise appropriately.
  4.  Most importantly, if you are feeling unwell, it’s a wise idea to just stay home and get plenty of rest and avoid contact with other people.

Here is the workout for Monday:

Strength Focus

3 sets of:
Farmer Carry – down and back
Suitcase Carry – Right hand down, left hand back
10 Deadbug

Conditioning Workout
0-3 minutes complete:
2 lengths suitcase carry
4 sumo deadlift
2 lengths suitcase carry
2 burpees

3-6 minutes

6-9 minutes

9-12 minutes

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