Workout for Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Congratulations to those who were in class on Monday and gave our scaled version of 18.1 of the Crossfit Open workout a try.  You guys learned a new skill with the Dumbbell Hang Power Clean and you rocked it!


I consider all of you to be athletes.  We work on all of the above components of functional fitness in each class.  We may not perform them to the same degree or the same intensity as our younger counterparts who are aiming to qualify for the Crossfit Regionals or Games, but you are still athletes.  You are athletes who are focusing more on health and fitness over athletics and performance.   Greg Glassman is the Founder of Crossfit and he would be proud of all you, keep it up!

Workout for Wednesday

Strength Focus

Plate Squats 5 sets of  5 reps
Lateral Lunge 5 sets of 5 to each side
Review of Wall Ball Progressions


Conditioning Workout:

Working in teams of 2, alternate tasks, with only one person working at a time. For a total of 20 minutes complete:

2 laps of the big gym
10 box step-ups
10 wall balls



What is the CrossFit Open?

crossfit open

If you have been in the gym lately, I am sure you have noticed the bulletin boards and signs throughout the facility all promoting the CrossFit Open to the Main Class members. Some of you may be wondering what the CrossFit Open is.  The Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season and the largest community event of the year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of athletes come together to compete in the worldwide, online competition.  A competition designed to seek out the Fittest on Earth.

Workouts are released on Thursdays at 5 p.m. PT, and athletes have four days to complete the workout for the week and submit their score online.

At the end of five weeks, the fittest move on to the next 2 stages of competition: the Regionals and the final stage, The CrossFit Games.

CrossFit is considered infinitely scalable and although our class is technically not a CrossFit class, we do follow many of the principles of CrossFit.   So in the spirit of the first workout of the 2018 CrossFit Open, we will be completely our own scaled version of 18.1 which is the first workout that was released this past week.

Strength/Skill Focus

Hang Power Clean

Shoulder Press/Push Press

Workout 18.1 Scaled

In partners, complete 15 minutes of:

8 Supine leg lowering
10 Dumbbell Hang Power Clean and Press
10 calorie Row

Workout for Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Strength Focus

Today we are working towards an RPE of 8/10 in our strength work

Shoulder Press    5 sets of 5

Bulgarian Split Squat    5 sets of 5 each leg


Conditioning Workout

In groups of 3, complete 5 rounds of:
10 Kettlebell Swings
10 Lat Pull Downs
6 Push-ups
4 laps  …. walk or run

How to Stay Young

The CBC’s show The Passionate Eye recently aired two episodes on a complex, yet very interesting topic: How to Stay Young.

In Part I of this series they take a closer look at Biological Aging and Lifestyle, examining diets and exercise programs that help slow down the natural biological decline that occurs as we age.  Much of the biological effects of aging are due to lifestyle factors.  In fact, only about 25% of how we age is determined by our genetics. This episode examines diet and exercise as a major part of the lifestyle that affects how we age.  Should we all become vegetarians and take up dancing in order to stay young?

Watch here to find out more:

We definitely should not slow down, but become more active as we age and how we age is connected to how we live our lives.

Part II takes a closer look at how our brains age.  Our brains can shrink as much as 20% over our lifetime and that can have a huge impact on our lives leading to dementia and Alzheimers.  Again our genetics are only about 1/4 responsible for how our brain ages.  Our lifestyle choices play a much bigger role than many of us realize.  Exercise that engages us mentally, physically and socially is key along with a diet rich in “purple” fruits and vegetables to help keep our brains young.   Taking the time to learn new skills that challenge us also help keep our brain young.  Learning to play a musical instrument, life drawing or learning a new language are all great ways to “exercise” your brain.

To watch Part II, click here:

Workout for Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Strength Focus

Deadlift    5 sets of 5 reps

Conditioning Workout

Tabata Stations – 4-minute stations of work and rest

A) 20 seconds of air squats
10 seconds of rest

Rest 2 full minutes

B) 20 seconds of Assault bike or row
10 seconds of rest

Rest 2 full minutes

C) 20 seconds of Pallof Press
10 seconds of rest

Rest 2 full minutes

D) 20 seconds of Step-ups
10 seconds of rest




Workout for Monday February 5, 2018

Strength Focus

Complete 3 sets every 2 minutes of each:

A. 10 Front squats  (with dumbbell)
B. 10 Seated Row (with band)
C. 10 Step-ups (5 each leg, with weight if possible)
D. 10 Banded Glute Bridge

Conditioning Workout

3 Rounds of:
15 Kettlebell Swings
10 Lunges