Congratulations to those who were in class on Monday and gave our scaled version of 18.1 of the Crossfit Open workout a try.  You guys learned a new skill with the Dumbbell Hang Power Clean and you rocked it!


I consider all of you to be athletes.  We work on all of the above components of functional fitness in each class.  We may not perform them to the same degree or the same intensity as our younger counterparts who are aiming to qualify for the Crossfit Regionals or Games, but you are still athletes.  You are athletes who are focusing more on health and fitness over athletics and performance.   Greg Glassman is the Founder of Crossfit and he would be proud of all you, keep it up!

Workout for Wednesday

Strength Focus

Plate Squats 5 sets of  5 reps
Lateral Lunge 5 sets of 5 to each side
Review of Wall Ball Progressions


Conditioning Workout:

Working in teams of 2, alternate tasks, with only one person working at a time. For a total of 20 minutes complete:

2 laps of the big gym
10 box step-ups
10 wall balls



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