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How to safely monitor exercise intensity?

There are many ways we can monitor our exercise intensity to ensure that we are safe and working hard enough for health benefits.  Perhaps the simplest method is the “Talk Test“.  In general, if you’re doing a moderate-intensity activity you can talk, but not sing, during the activity.

Another method we frequently use in class is the Rate of Perceived Exertion scale.  Perceived exertion is assessed by use of a 1 -to-10 chart to rate the feelings caused by your exertion.  A rating of 1 would be like sitting in a chair doing nothing, a rating of 10 is the hardest thing you have done and is a maximal effort.  For health benefits, we should be working somewhere between 5-8 depending on the activity.  We certainly do not need to work at a rating of 9 or 10.  We do not need to be at maximal efforts for health benefits.

For those of you who have watches and gadgets like a Fit Bit, you may have a built-in heart rate monitor.  Maximal heart rate is typically calculated as 220-age, however, this formula is for use with adults who are 40 and younger.  Therefore for many of us, it is not appropriate.  A more accurate equation is 208-(0.7 x age).  Once you have calculated your maximum heart rate your goal would be to exercise in a range that is 50-80% of that depending on your health status and your goals.


Workout for Monday, March 5

Strength Work

Sumo Deadlift      5 sets of 5 reps, progressively load

Sumo Deadlift High Pull     5 sets of 5 reps, progressively load

Conditioning Workout – Fun with 18.2

1-2-3-4-5  reps of, or 5 minutes of

Dumbbell squats
Bar-facing Burpees

Rest 1 full minute, the complete 1 sumo deadlift high pull and rest for the remainder of minute 2

The complete

5-4-3-2-1 reps of, or 5 min of

Dumbbel squats
Bar-facing Burpees

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