For those of you who braved the weather on Monday and came out to class, we had a little fun with a great app that is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Clock Yourself is a pre-habilitation app designed to help with balance, prevent falls and engage your brain and body to assist with maintaining our cognitive function as we age. Developed by a physiotherapist, it is a great tool to add to your weekly exercise program.

“The athlete who slips on the sports field and the grandmother who trips in her garden may fall for different reasons, but both could effectively catch themselves with a fast step in the correct direction.

In five stages the Clock Yourself app introduces progressively complex activities to train us to think on our feet and to react quickly with our bodies.

Pre-habilitation is a wise move. Clock Yourself makes it fun!”

Check it out and have some fun!

Fit for Life Workout

Strength Focus

Pectoral prep work – 2 rounds of:
30 sec ball roll out
5  pec stretch
5-10 reps Light Dumbbell Fly
5-10 reps push-ups

Glute Activation – 2 rounds of:
10 Banded Glute Bridge
10 Lateral Side Steps each direction
10 Hip Abduction
10 Hip Extension
10 Squats

Conditioning Workout

10-minute AMRAP of:
6 Push-ups
9 Kettlebell Swings
12 Step-ups
1 lap of the gym

Rest as needed

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