Thank you to everyone who joined us for lunch on Friday!  It was a great turn out and we learned a lot of helpful thing from our local Registered Dietician, Leah Von Dolder.  Anyone who missed this session be sure to ask for a copy of her handout the next time you are in class.  Let me know if there are other nutrition topics you would like to learn more about and we can certainly invite her back for another session.

Important Reminder:

Please remember to let me know if you will be attending class on Wednesday June 27 – Shannon will be covering this class for me.

There will be no class on Monday July 2 and Wednesday July 4!!


Today’s workout:

Strength Focus

A) Banded progressive Landmine Press    5 sets of 8 each arm
B) Split Squats    5 sets of 8 each leg

Conditioning Workout

3 Rounds of :
5 pull-ups or ring row
10 push-ups
15 KB swings
20 step-ups




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