“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being while movement and methodical physical exercise save it a preserve it” – Plato

Strength Focus

Every minute, on the minute

Goblet Squats    6 reps
Landmine Press    8 reps – right arm
Goblet Squats     6 reps
Landmine Press    8 reps – left arm
Plank Hold   30 sec

Conditioning Workout


Dumbbell Thrusters
Box Step-overs


One thought on “Fit for Life – Monday July 9,2018

  1. Hi Bonnie & Fit for Life Friends – Thank you so much for the lovely card. I miss you all..
    Today begins week 3 post-op. I’ve already started physio but still have quite a lot of pain.
    I have to learn patience as every day I improve a little. Best regards to all. Myrna


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