Summer Adventures

Well it is the last week of August and summer is quickly coming to an end!  Many of you have been in and out of the gym throughout the summer hopefully having some great summer adventures.  I know I did!  I know some have been out on the golf course or out on boats in Georgian Bay.  Some have been out “clamping” and hiking and some of you have been riding bikes around the Georgian Triangle and even off to other places like the Rockies, Vermont and Europe.  Some of you have been busy entertaining visitors and others have been recovering from surgery.  The great thing about what we do in the gym, is it allows us to continue to be active and pursue the things we love to do outside the gym.  Whatever your adventure was, I hope to see you back in the gym soon to hear all about it.

With the end of summer comes the Labour Day Long weekend and there will be no classes on the Holiday Monday (September 4).


Strength Focus for Monday August 27

5 sets of each

A) Deadlifts  8 reps
B) Banded Knee Extensions   8 reps each leg

Conditioning Workout

3 rounds of
5 Sumo Deadlift
10 lunges
10 calorie row

Rest 1 min


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