For for Life – Monday, October 29, 2018


Please be cautious when driving past Side Lunch Brewery and around the corner of the building to get to the gym. This is a busy time of year for South Winds Marine as they are busy getting boats out of the water and stored for the winter. Many boats come into the building at the ramp on trailers at the side of the building. The drivers do their best to watch for traffic, but we all must exercise caution when driving through that area at this time of year.

Workout for Monday

Strength Focus
Complete 3 sets of:
A) Landmine Press 6 each arm
B) Anchored Glute Bridge 12

Conditioning Workout

Complete 3 rounds working 30seconds on 30 seconds rest:

Pull-ups or Ring Rows
Sumo Deadlift
Weighted step ups alternate between 5 each leg
Sled drag
1 minute rest

Fit for Life – Wednesday, October 14, 2018

Strength Focus

Core Day – complete 3 rounds

A) Med ball seated partner pass  5 right/5 left

B) Plank hold  1 min

C) Dead Bug   1 min

Conditioning Workout 

Moving for 15 minutes

1 Waiter Carry     Right then Left
2 Suitcase Carry  Right then Left
8 KB Swings
6 Goblet Squats
4 Single Arm Bent over Row


Fit for Life – Monday, October 22, 2018

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For some of you looking to add some gentle Yoga to your weekly routine, you might want to check out the Chair Yoga program that is offered for free at the Collingwood Public Library.  The class is at 10:30am on Thursday mornings and is run by Denise Harcourt.  The program is specifically geared towards older adults and Denise has a good understanding of the postures that are safe and not safe for those with Osteoporosis.

Workout for Monday, October 22

Strength Focus

Complete 6 sets of:
A) Pallof Side Step with Partner     5 steps each direction
Alternate with
B) Deadlift
1 x 10 reps
1 x 8 reps
1 x 5 reps
1 x 5 reps
1 x 3 reps
1 x 3 reps

Conditioning Workout 
Complete 10 minutes of:

12 step-ups
8 Sumo Deadlifts
4 KB Swings


Fit for Life – Monday October 15, 2018

The Consequences of Age Related Muscle Loss

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Sarcopenia is the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass (0.5–1% loss per year after the age of 50), quality, and strength associated with aging and is a component of the frailty syndrome.

A recent article in the Globe and Mail highlights the importance of Strength Training (2-3 times per week) and eating adequate protein (1.2g/kg/day) spread through out the day to maintain our very precious lean muscle mass.

For the full article read here.


Workout for Monday October 15

Strength Focus

Complete 3 sets of:

A) Bulgarian Split Squat     10 reps each leg
B) Single Arm Trap 3 Raise     10 reps each arm


Conditioning Workout

Dumbbell Thrusters    16-12-8
Burpees   8-6-4



Fit for Life – Wednesday November 7, 2018

The Deadlift


“The Deadlift is unrivalled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity for increasing head-to-toe strength.  Regardless of whether your fitness goals are to “rev up” your metabolism, increase strength or lean body mass, decrease body fat, rehabilitate your back, improve athletic performance or maintain functional independence as a senior, the deadlift is a marked shortcut to that end.”

From “the Deadlift” by Crossfit Founder Greg Glassman, Crossfit Journal August 2003

Strength Focus

5 sets of each exercise, alternating between the two

A) Deadlift   5 reps

B) Banded Knee extension

Then Review

Sumo Deadlift High Pull technique   3 sets of 5

Push Press technique    3 sets of 5


Conditioning Workout

In partners, working for 10 minutes or complete 3 rounds each

100m row

10 KB Sumo Deadlift high pull

10 KB Push Press (scale to scaled push-up)




Fit for Life – Wednesday, October 11, 2018


Image result for vitamin D


Vitamin D is considered the sunshine vitamin since our bodies can produce it when exposed to sunlight.  We can also get Vitamin D from foods and supplements.  Do you take a Vitamin D supplement daily?  Living in Canada we have traditionally been encouraged to take a Vitamin D Supplement.  New research is suggesting that it may not be as important as once thought.

“Dr. Iris Gorfinkel, a family doctor in Toronto, said the study’s results don’t “come as a complete surprise.” She already advises her patients to “drop the D.”

“I think an individual should talk to their doctor, but frankly, this study suggests there’s no need for it,” she said.

Her advice for those worried about bone health? An exercise program, because it builds strength. That not only prevents fractures, she said, but also reduces “the likelihood of falling and decreases the rate at which bone is broken down.”

For the full article read here.


Workout for Wednesday October 10, 2018

Strength Focus

A) Turkish Get up Progressions – the half get up

B) Dumbbell Bench Press  5 sets of 8 working, toward an RPE of  6-7/10.



Every two minutes complete a round, increase reps each 2 minute cycle

3 KB Swings, 3 Goblet Squats, 20 step-ups

5 KB Swings, 5 Goblet Squats, 20 step-ups

7 KB Swings, 7 Goblet Squats, 20 step-ups …. etc.




Fit For Life – Wednesday October 3, 2018

Reminder there will be no class Thanksgiving Monday, October 8!!


Strength Focus 

Complete 5 sets of:

A) Pallof Press   5 each side
B) Deadlift     8 reps – progressively load each set

Conditioning Workout

Working for 15 minutes, every 3 minutes complete 1 round of:

8 KB Sumo Deadlifts
6 KB swings
4 thrusters