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For some of you looking to add some gentle Yoga to your weekly routine, you might want to check out the Chair Yoga program that is offered for free at the Collingwood Public Library.  The class is at 10:30am on Thursday mornings and is run by Denise Harcourt.  The program is specifically geared towards older adults and Denise has a good understanding of the postures that are safe and not safe for those with Osteoporosis.

Workout for Monday, October 22

Strength Focus

Complete 6 sets of:
A) Pallof Side Step with Partner     5 steps each direction
Alternate with
B) Deadlift
1 x 10 reps
1 x 8 reps
1 x 5 reps
1 x 5 reps
1 x 3 reps
1 x 3 reps

Conditioning Workout 
Complete 10 minutes of:

12 step-ups
8 Sumo Deadlifts
4 KB Swings


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