Today we will be working on the Deadlift and some accessory work involving the Lats with the banded lat pulldown.

In the Deadlift, the Lats need to be engaged to help maintain appropriate back angle and keep the barbell actively over the mid-foot, just lightly in contact with the legs at all times during the lift.

Today we will use the chin-up grip on the lat pulldown.  This allows for the fullest range of motion, the most amount of load/resistance and the most muscle mass to be trained.  It is also the easiest grip to master.

Strength Focus

Complete 5 sets of each

A) Deadlift    5 reps, progressively loading

B) Banded Lat Pulldown – Chin up grip      10 reps


Conditioning Workout

Working for 10 min, complete as many rounds as possible resting as needed

5 KB Sumo Deadlifts
10 KB Swings
15 Squats
20 Step-ups




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