“Practice of the L-sit is for some very tough—they just can’t seem to find the muscles that raise and hold the legs. The key is to keep trying. … Any effort, no matter how brief, is worthwhile. We not only contend that the L-sit is functional but that it is the most functional of all abdominal exercises. Our justification for this contention lies in our view that the dominant role of the abdominals is midline stabilization, not trunk flexion. Though trunk flexion is certainly important, midline stabilization is more important both to everyday living and athletic movement.”
—Greg Glassman

Strength Focus

Complete 5 sets of each, alternate between the two exercises allowing for approximately 1:30 minutes of rest between each.

Dumbbell Front Squats     5 reps with a 2 sec pause at bottom of squat

L-sit hold     work towards a 30 sec hold


Hang power clean

Conditioning Workout

Working for 15, complete as many rounds as possible of:
4 Dumbbell hang power clean
8 Dumbbell
10 alternating leg Lunges
2 laps of gym


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