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The thought that CrossFit is “too intense” or “too hard” or even what we do “is crazy” has been created by people who have either never stepped inside a CrossFit facility or are unable to let their ego go when they have stepped inside a CrossFit facility. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. But intensity is what you put into it! The degree, force, strength or in some cases speed to which each individual is able to put into their own workout on any given day results is the intensity of their workout! The beauty of CrossFit is that everyone is more than capable. Our programming is written to accommodate all levels of athletic abilities + our incredible coaching staff are armed with a vast knowledge of movement + the ability to modify or scale it, if or when needed. Moral is, that CrossFit is not “too hard” or “too intense” or even “crazy”. Don’t believe us? Check our these amazing 60+ athletes in our Fit for Life class! Yes, all are 60+ years old + all of them are athletes! All it takes is to walk into a CrossFit facility with an open mind + talk to the coaches for you to know that each one is here to help you inside the facility, so that your life is better outside the facility. That doesn’t really sound crazy does it?! . #crossfitindestri #indestristrong #weINDESTRUCTIBLE #supportyourlocalbox #crossfit #crossfitcommunity #fitforlife #crossfitmasters #collingwood #explorecollingwood #canadaeast @crossfit @crossfittraining @crossfitaffiliates

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