The Pallof Press

We don’t do sit-ups or crunches in our programming and some of you may ask why.  I came across this article from YURI ELKAIM and it explains things so well I decided to share.  It also explains the benefits of the Pallof Press that we do on a fairly regular basis.


“The Truth Behind Your Abs” by YURI ELKAIM

It is time to forget your preconceived notions about your abs: when you really understand how they function, you’ll see why the conventional way of training them doesn’t work.

For starters, many people believe that great abs result from “prime mover” exercises like crunches, sit ups, leg raises, etc.

Unfortunately, this belief doesn’t reflect the true function of the abs or the core, which is to stabilize.

You see, your “abs” consist of much more than just your six-pack. In fact, your abdominals should be viewed more globally, to include your entire core region: extending from just below your chest all the way down and around to your glutes.

Core Muscles

This corset of muscle not only gives people a defined, tight core, but also stabilizes the spine and disks, protecting them from unnatural bending or twisting.

Pallof Press Benefits

See why getting a toned, sleek belly involves much more than just working the muscles in the front of your stomach?

To truly tighten up this area, you need to be working the entire core, which includes the deep inner muscles hiding beneath your abs, your obliques, your low back, and upper glute area.

When you do this, you’ll notice that your entire trunk region will become tighter – not just the front region of your abdominals.

So how can you even work all of these muscles if “standard” ab exercises aren’t enough? Let’s take a look at right one of the absolute best core exercises – the Pallof press.

It Works the Core of Your Core

The beauty of the Pallof press is that it challenges and strengthens the stabilization action of your abs. That’s because when you do this exercise, it forces your core to resist the rotation or compression of your spine, which forces your entire core to engage.

This not only helps you build a sleeker core because you’re working it from every angle, but also leads to greater balance and a strong center of power for any type of movement you do on a daily basis.

Want to spend a few hours moving furniture or gardening without worrying about injuring your lower back (plus have a taut tummy to boot)? Spend some time doing the Pallof press.

How It Helps Your Spine

Now that we’re on the subject of back pain and injuries, it’s worth mentioning that the Pallof is superb for preventing and even relieving low-back pain.

The anti-rotation action of the Pallof essentially prevents the spine from being thrown out of its safe position through unnatural twists and bends.

For instance, if you slip or stumble, a strong core will prevent your spine from taking on all of the force and damaging a disk.

The abdominal muscles literally act like body armor for your spine.

This is also the reason crunches and similar movements are terrible for the spine and low back pain. Instead of stabilizing the spine, they actually compress the disks by forcing the spine to bend in an unnatural way.

The Pallof Press

Before we get started with the Pallof, keep in mind that the more narrow your stance is, the harder the Pallof Press will be. So, if you find yourself struggling with balance at first (and you’re not using too much weight), try widening your stance slightly.

3 Common Mistakes

Also, be sure to run through a mental checklist as you set yourself up to do the Pallof Press, avoiding these common mistakes:

  1. Using too much weight.
  2. Locking out the knees.
  3. Not fully extending the arms.

And now, without further ado, let’s get to shredding that core!

Performing the Banded Pallof Press

  • Begin by looping your band around a sturdy object (a strong beam or railing). Stand or kneel at a distance where your band is taut, grasping it in both hands at your chest.
  • Press your hands in front of you, keeping it at chest level, bracing your core. Hold for a few seconds, then bring your hands back to your chest.
  • Repeat for 8 to 12 reps on both sides.


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Fit for Life – Monday February 25, 2019


Strength Focus

Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes at each station

A) Ring Rows  10 reps
B) Plank Hold  30 seconds
C) Landmine Press    6 right, 6 left

Conditioning Workout

Working in pairs, complete 3 rounds each, one partner complete 1 round while other partner walks

5 Sumo Deadlift
10 KB Swing
10 Goblet Squat
5 Single arm row, each arm




7 Foods We Should All Enjoy Regularly

7 Foods We Should All Enjoy Regularly

Let’s take a break from recipes and to re-focus on some basic foods that are great for people over 60 to eat regularly.

Eating the right foods is essential to good health and being able to exercise. You wouldn’t pour cement into your car’s gas tank and expect it run, right?

1. Water. You might not feel as thirsty as you used to, but you still need plenty of it, every day – even when you don’t think you do. Staying hydrated keeps your muscles working better, prevents you from feeling tired all the time, and helps with headaches and constipation.
2. Berries. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries – they’re all packed with vitamin C and vitamin E for better cell health.
3. Fiber. Get it naturally from vegetables, beans, whole grains and fruits, or use a powder supplement if needed. Fiber not only keeps you regular, it helps maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower your chances of developing diabetes.
4. Olive oil. It’s healthier than some oils, and you can use it instead of butter.
5. Yogurt. Calcium and vitamin D are important for bone health. It has lots of protein. And it goes well with those berries and with …
6. Nuts. Almonds, cashews, macadamias and other nuts pack healthy omega-3s, good fat, fiber and protein. Have a handful five times a week.
7. Broccoli, tomatoes and more whole vegetables and fruits.

Fit for Life – Thursday February 21, 2019

Strength Focus

Complete 5 sets of

Deadlift 5 reps (progressively load barbell)

Alternate with

10 Reverse Snow Angels


Conditioning Workout

Working for 10 min, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:
10 Sumo Deadlift
6 Push Press
2 lengths Suitcase Carry ( 1 right, 1 left)
2 get down/stand up


Canada’s New Food Guide to Healthy Eating

Canada’s New Food Guide to Healthy Eating was finally released at the beginning of the month.  I love the simplicity of this new guide.

Food guide




Make it a habit to eat a variety of healthy foods each day

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits (half of your plate), whole grain food (¼ of your plate) and protein foods (¼ of your plate).  Choose protein foods that come from plants more often.

Make water your drink of choice.


Healthy Eating is More than the Foods You Eat

Be mindful of your eating habits

Being mindful of your eating habits means being aware of:

  • how you eat
  • why you eat
  • what you eat
  • when you eat
  • where you eat
  • how much you eat

Being mindful can help you:

  • make healthier choices more often
  • make positive changes to routine eating behaviours
  • be more conscious of the food you eat and your eating habits
  • create a sense of awareness around your every day eating decisions
  • reconnect to the eating experience by creating an awareness of your:
    • feelings
    • thoughts
    • emotions
    • behaviours


Cook more often

Cooking and preparing food can support healthy eating habits. Cooking allows you to:

  • learn new skills
  • rely less on highly processed foods
  • control the amount of sauces and seasonings
  • make foods that you and your family like and will eat
  • save money by avoiding extra money spent on meals eaten out
  • choose healthy ingredients like:
    • fruits
    • vegetables
    • whole grain foods
    • protein foods
      • choose protein foods that come from plants more often


Enjoy your food

The benefits of enjoying your food include:

  • tasting the flavours
  • being open to trying new foods
  • developing a healthy attitude about food

Knowing that you are making healthy food choices can increase your enjoyment of food.

Enjoying your food includes:

  • socializing at mealtime
  • enjoying shopping for food
  • preparing and cooking food
  • growing or harvesting your own food
  • getting to know the people that grow or produce your food
  • involving others in meal planning, preparation and clean up


Eat with others

Enjoying healthy foods with family, friends, neighbours or co-workers is a great way to connect and add enjoyment to your life. It can provide many benefits and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

By eating with others you can:

  • enjoy quality time together
  • share food traditions, across generations and cultures
  • explore new healthy foods that you might not normally try

Food is often a main part of celebrations and special events. However, eating with others doesn’t have to be saved for special events.