Squat Therapy Day

We all start life with the mobility and strength to perform the basic squat.  It is a fundamental movement, but as we age and with out practicing this movement we loose the ability to perform a basic squat.  We all need to be able to squat.  It is how we stand up from a chair and the toilet.  Can you stand up without your hands to assist you?  Do you know someone who struggles with this?  Learning how to squat properly with good mechanics makes it easier to get in and out of a chair independently and often reduces knee pain.

Strength Focus

Today will will be working on our Squat set up, mobility and strength.

Conditioning Workout

In Pairs, complete 3 rounds each, one person works while the other person holds weight.

12 thrusters
2 get down/stand up
12 step ups
4 push ups
12 Dead bug (with ball)
6 ring rows


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