The Buddy System Works


Congratulations to Bill and Julie Deeks for bring home a Gold medal each at the Craigleith Ski Club Championships this past weekend!!

Bill and Julie are proof that the buddy system works and they are very blessed to have each other as a training partner/buddy.

You don't have to exercise with your significant other, but having a friend to exercise with can make all the difference.

How to encourage exercise success

While some people enjoy working out alone, others find working out with a friend increases their chances of success because:

  • They find it’s more fun.
  • They hold each other accountable.
  • They give each other positive feedback and encouragement.
  • It’s a great social outlet and helps them overcome any nervousness about starting to work out.

Dr. Pamela Rackow of the University of Aberdeen had heard anecdotal evidence of all this. “I wanted to know if this was true,” she said – and if it was, then why.

Her research found that having an exercise companion does, indeed, increase the amount of exercise someone does. And the best qualities that made a good partner had more to do with emotional support than “practical” support like never missing a session.

You don't necessarily have to workout with your spouse, but a good friend works well too!  Many of you have told your friends about the Fit for Life class and they have joined the program.  When you come to classes regularly, you have gotten to know the other members in the class and have found workout buddies to partner with.  Classes are a supportive community where we encourage each other and have fun.


Today's Workout

Strength Focus
Complete 5 sets of:

A) Front Rack Squats 8 reps
B) Tall kneeling Banded Face Pulls   15 reps


Complete 8 rounds
2 Burpees
3 Goblet Squats
4 Ring Rows
2 lengths




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