I recently read an Opinion Piece that was in the Globe and Mail back in January.  It was given to me to read by David Sims and I thought it was worth sharing.

As we get older, our balance declines for many reasons along with declining strength, it makes recovering from a “trip” more difficult.  Falls happen, but when you consider the fact that falls can be fatal, we should all pay attention.  It helps drive home the importance of doing exercises to prevent falls.  So keep on coming to class and getting strong!

Here is a link to the full article:


Check out the website created by researchers from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and their Winter Lab.  They have tested and rated actual footwear on icy winter surfaces.  Check and see if what your wearing on your feet has been rated:




One thought on “Fear of Falling

  1. Thanks for this article Bonnie. Very interesting read and kind of scary too. I think falling is one of my greatest fears and I am sure I am not alone.

    Great class every time. Thanks.

    Bonnie Russell

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