I came across this today and saw some humour in it and thought I would share.  Which line do you find yourself in more often?  Hopefully, you are among the few in the “Lifestyle Change” line up.  Just by coming to class, you are already shifting into this line!  Exercise and staying active are lifestyle choices we make everyday.  I know it is not always easy to prioritized heading out of the door and heading to class, but the rewards to our health are so worth it!  Consistency and with an exercise program of any kind will reduce the need to spend more time in the “other” line.

See you all in class!

Strength Focus

3 rounds of:
A) Pistol Squats     10 each leg
B) Sled pull – down and back
C) Prowler Push – down and back
D) Push-ups      5-10 reps

Conditioning Workout 

10 minutes of

5 wall balls
10 KB swings
15 step ups

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