Falls  ….  some frightening statistics to share:

The risk of falling increases with age.

The risk is greater for women than men.

Each year one-third of people over the age of 65 fall and it is the leading cause of death.

More than half of falls involving people 75 and older are fatal.

25% of seniors who break a hip from a fall die within six months.

The most dangerous myth is that falling is an inevitable part of aging.  Falls can be PREVENTED!

Exercise is THE BEST method to prevent Falls.  Exercise helps to maintain the strength of muscles, flexibility, and balance. And these good results came from either bicycling, yoga, tai chi, aerobic or even a brisk walk.

In addition to exercise, make sure your eye sight and vision is checked and corrected.

Thank you to Pat for sharing the article from the Toronto Sun:

Shocking Figures About Falling


Now for today’s work:

Strength Focus

Complete 5 sets of:

A) Carry’s
B) Lat Pull Downs   8 reps

Conditioning Workout

Working in partners for 10 minutes, resting as needed

5 ring rows
5 sumo deadlift
2 Thrusters
2 laps










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