Fit for Life – Monday June 10, 2019


Strength Focus

Goblet Squats   5 sets of 5 reps, progressively load to RPE of 8/10

Ensure 1:30min of rest between each set


Conditioning Workout

21 – 15 – 9 (+2)

KB Sumo Deadlifts
+2 burpees
+30 sec rest

Rest as need during working sets





Fit for Life – Thursday June 6, 2019

We don’t stop exercising because we get old.

We get old because we stop exercising.


For those of you who have ventured into the social media world of Instagram, check out @97yearsyoung.  Ernie is 97 years old and will soon be celebrating his 98 birthday.  Ernie is trained by his grandson Devin Perreault who also documents and shares Ernie’s journey as he trains his way to 100+.   Devin Created the account to share and inspire others to take up the fitness journey … it is never too late and you are never too old to start an exercise program!


Strength Focus

Complete 5 sets of:

A) Shoulder Press     5 reps
B) Ring Rows     8 reps


Conditioning Workout

Every 4 minutes for 16 min (4 rounds)

6 sumo Deadlift
8 KB Swing
12 step ups


Fit for Life – Wednesday June 5, 2019

I get to workout today


I have to workout today


Strength Focus

Complete 4 sets alternating between each exercise:

A) Dumbbell Row   10 reps each arm
B) Bulgarian Split Squat     8 reps each leg

Conditioning Workout

Complete 4 rounds with a partner

150m row
10 Wallballs