“Getting older is a blessing that not everyone gets to do.  It’s not a given.  It’s a privilege.”
– C. Diaz

Flowers arrived for me this afternoon from Sideroad Farm, one of my favourite famers at the Collingwood Farmers Market.  They were ordered as a surprise for me from my lovely husband.  I didn’t even know that they delivered flowers!!  Such a special treat to celebrate getting older.

Many of you know that I am turning 50 and tomorrow is the big day.  I realize it is just another number and I am so very fortunate to have my health and a beautiful family to celebrate with me.  I am also very fortunate to have found all of you who are constantly showing up to class and giving me such wonderful role models on life and active ageing.

Here is the work for tomorrow, can you see the hidden theme in the workout???

Strength Focus
Complete 4 sets of

A) Banded squats  6-10 reps

alternate with

B) Banded Pull Throughs  10-15 reps

Conditioning Workout (50)
Complete 5 rounds of:

10 squats
10 ring rows
10 step ups
10 KB swing
10 push press

*can be scaled to 6 or 8 reps per exercise

2 thoughts on “Fit for Life – Thursday July 25, 2019

  1. Beautiful flowers, your husband has probably shamed many husbands, lol. Have a wonderful celebration with your family. Thank you for all that you do for all of us. Personally, I love every minute of your classes, even though I may grumble, and I enjoy even more your friendship. Happy Birthday Bonnie!! 🥂Cheers to turning 50😊❤️ Lisa

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