“Age is no barrier.  It’s a limitation you put on your mind”

-Jackie Joyner- Kersee


Strength Focus

Barbell Deadlift

Warm up with an empty bar for 2 sets of 5
Then progressively load the bar, completing 5 reps each time to find an RPE of 7-8/10.  Rest between sets.  This is the weight you will use for the next part of class.

Then every 1:30 minute for 4 sets at each station
1) Deadlift – 5 reps
2) Farmer Carry – heavy – 2 lengths
3) Ring Rows – 10 reps
4) Dead Bug Hold – 40 seconds

Conditioning Workout
Complete 3 rounds
1 burpee
4 Sumo Deadlift
8 KB Swings


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