This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with this lovely family.  Carol Ann booked a session with me and her family – her son Andy, her daughter in-law Lynn and her two grandchildren Ewen and Scarlet.  What fun we had and what an amazing role model Carol Ann is to her children and grandchildren!  Let me tell you, don’t get into a plank holding competition with any of this crew – you’ll loose!

Fitness is fun at any age!

You never reach an age where you body and you mind stop responding to exercise!

Today’s Strength Work:

Complete 5 sets, progressively increasing the load to RPE of 8/10
A) Box squats   5 reps
B) Ring rows    5 reps …. change the position of your feet
Conditioning Workout
4 laps
20 sumo Deadlift
4 laps
15 KB swings
4 laps
10 DB Thrusters
4 laps
5 ring rows

*move at a vigorous pace for at least one lap each round

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