We all know that exercise is good for our bodies, but we must also recognize the benefits to our brains.  Cognitive decline and dementia are serious concerns for all of us as we age, but keeping up good exercise habits and routines can help ward off some these changes in our brains.

Two great articles have come across my inbox in the last week and are a great read and good reminders of the importance of exercise for the brain.

The first article discuss the value of exercise over brain training apps to help int he fight against cognitive decline.  The benefits of exercise are so much greater for our brains and include:

  • social and cognitive engagement with others
  • a decrease in vascular dementia due to the maintenance of adequate supply of blood to the brain
  • a decrease in high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes which are associated with dementia
  • a decrease in depression and anxiety

To read the full article, click the link below:

The second article is based on recent research from right here in Ontario at McMaster University – they are doing great things with older adults!

Their research looked at the affect of exercise and intensity on memory.  The take home message from this article is to ensure that you are challenging your intensity levels to help improve your memory.  Working at a moderate intensity is good, but high intensity exercise will result in greater improvements.  Remember that intensity is highly individual and can vary from one day to the next.  Using the Rate of Perceived Exertion scale is a great way to measure your intensity, regardless of the type of exercise you are doing.

For the full article, click the link below:

High Intensity Exercise Improves Memory in Seniors

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