Here is another great article that I came across late last night that is worth sharing.  I know many of you are hikers and it relates to the last two articles I shared yesterday.

  • Hiking in Nature Can Stop Negative, Obsessive Thoughts
  • Hiking While Disconnected From Technology Boosts Creative Problem Solving
  • Hiking Outdoors Can Improve ADHD in Children
  • Hiking In Nature Is Great Exercise and Therefore Boosts Brainpower

We are lucky to live in an area that is full of all kinds of options for hiking.  Easy trails like the Georgian Trail are easily accessed from town and take you quickly into natural areas.  The Bruce Trail is also easily accessed for most of us with a short 10 minute drive and then there are so many options to choose from.

Click here for the full article:

Doctors explain how hiking actually changes our brains

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