This is a great Graphic to help you visualize your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE).  Remember we can use it as a guide for our intensity and how much weight we are lifting.

Today’s Work:

Strength Focus

Shoulder Press
Set 1.  10 reps at RPE of 5/10
Set 2.  8 reps at RPE of 6/10
Set 3.   6 reps at RPE of 7/10
Set 4.   6 reps of RPE of 8/10
Set 5.   8 reps of RPE of 6/10
Set 6.  10 reps of RPE of 5/10

Alternate Shoulder Press with 5 ring rows and rest 2 minutes between each set.

Conditioning Workout
Working with a partner to complete a total of:
40 push ups
30 ring rows
20 push press
10 burpees
* every time you break from the movement, both partners complete one lap together and then switch

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