Wishing Jane Moysey a very Happy Birthday – to help celebrate we had a special “Girl Friend” workout for her and her close friends.  They worked hard and had such fun!

Lots for great work happened this past week in the gym!  So many bright spots I just have to share!

Pat was determined on the prowler push this week – she pushed it on the black floor, added some weights, and challenged herself with a low bar push, and she did it!!

Carol Ann and Dorothy hit some big numbers on their Goblet Squats!  Way to go everyone!!

Now for todays program:

The Drinking Bird – Pictures say a thousand words!

Think of the drinking bird for all “hip hinge” movements (good mornings, kettlebell swings, deadlifts etc.).  Throughout the movement the spine should be held in a neutral position.

This looks similar to the drinking bird toy.  There should be as little deviation from neutral in the lumbar, thoracic and cervical sections of the spine as possible.

Strength Focus
5 sets of each
a) Deadlifts 5 reps
b) Pallof Press 6 each side

Conditioning Workout
 5 rounds at a steady pace, resting as needed
8 deadlifts
16 Banded Dead Bug
20 Air Squats



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