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In today’s class the topic of walking came up.  How many steps we take versus how fast we walk.

Here is an interesting article from Crossfit that examines the notion of 10,000 steps/day and gets us to think more about our intensity or quality of movement as opposed to the somewhat random number 10,000.

In another similar article that examines the speed at which we walk as it relates to how we age , Dr. Cooper points to another study that determined the best predictor of longevity is how fast you can walk. According to the data, if you’re 80 years old and can walk one mile in 17 minutes (that’s a 3.5mph average), there’s an 84% chance you’ll live to 90.  For the full article click here.




One thought on “Walking

  1. Thanks, Bonnie. I often wondered about the 10,000 steps. (I subscribed to the theory for several months a few years ago. Now I just try to walk as much as possible.) Some good ideas in both articles. See you tomorrow. Joan

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