Ever wonder how to get your significant other to join you in your exercise program?  Well here is a great article Allan Bennett shared from Collingwood Today on the value of exercising with your significant other.  Why not make it into a date? Could be fun!

Click here to read the article.

“In a way, the effects of exercising together are almost self-fulfilling. It provides accountability, strengthens your relationship and provides more fun, making it more likely that you’ll keep exercising and continue the cycle.”

We have several couples who come to class together:

Jim + Linda
Chris + Norma
Bill + Julie
Jack + Sue
Ward + Lou

There are a few more that I will be adding to the list soon too!!

If you are facing resistance getting your significant other to try out the Fit for Life Class, maybe try inviting them for a walk or a hike.  No never know where it might lead!



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