Tuesday February 11, 2020


Strength Focus
Every 2 minutes for 3 rounds at each exercise
A) 12 squats
B) 15 KB swing
C) 20 Glute Bridge

Conditioning Workout

working with a partner

2 minutes of:
10 Lunges
10 step ups

rest 1 minute

2 minutes of:
10 squats
10 step ups

rest 1 minute

2 minutes of:
5 push ups
squat hold


Image result for cartoon older adult walking

In today’s class the topic of walking came up.  How many steps we take versus how fast we walk.

Here is an interesting article from Crossfit that examines the notion of 10,000 steps/day and gets us to think more about our intensity or quality of movement as opposed to the somewhat random number 10,000.


In another similar article that examines the speed at which we walk as it relates to how we age , Dr. Cooper points to another study that determined the best predictor of longevity is how fast you can walk. According to the data, if you’re 80 years old and can walk one mile in 17 minutes (that’s a 3.5mph average), there’s an 84% chance you’ll live to 90.  For the full article click here.




Wednesday February 5, 2020

Strength Focus
5 sets of 5 progressively loading to RPE of 8/10

Conditioning Workout
working for 12 min with a partner
Partner A
5 Suitcase Deadlifts Rt
Suitcase carry Rt

Partner B
10 Step ups

*Alternate between A and B, right and left

Tuesday February 4, 2020


Strength Focus
Part 1 – Static Hang and Pull-up Progressions
Part 2 – Complete 4 sets of:
a) Aviators 12 reps
B) X-over symmetry pull throughs 10 reps

Conditioning Workout
In teams of 2, complete 4 rounds of:
30 KB swings (15 each)
20 Ring Rows (10 each)
3 laps – together

* partners must complete the laps together and may only start KB swing when both partners are back at the KB