As we hear more and more reports about the spread of the “Corona Virus” or COVID-19, it is important to keep ourselves healthy and follow best practices as provided by the Center for Disease Control.  The chart below lists the most effective ways of minimizing your risk of getting any cold, flu or virus and also applies to the Corona virus.

We are all getting very good at remembering to wipe down our equipment in the gym with the wipes provided.  In addition to this habit, I am encouraging everyone to wash your hands with soap and water or use the hand sanitizer I will have available when you arrive for class and again when you leave the facility.

img_8938What else can we do?  We can follow some very simple healthy lifestyle practices; eat nutritiously dense food to ensure we are getting all our vitamins and minerals to maintain our immune system, maintain our exercise routine and ensure we are getting enough sleep!

Here is a great article that reminds us of the importance of getting enough sleep to keep our immune systems working well.

“What we know from medical studies is that when we don’t get enough sleep, our cortisol levels actually go up the next day and cortisol is a stress hormone… It’s actually an immune suppressant. It has a number of negative impacts in the body.  We know from recent literature there’s about a 40 per cent increase [in cortisol levels] the next day if we deprive ourselves of sleep.”        –     Dr. Nathan Thakur – Copeland Healthcare medical director

There is no real need to get anxious or panic, but to do our best to keep ourselves healthy and follow the above guidelines.



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